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#GazelleRally Update: Days 3-6 w/ broken chassis

Even with broken chassis (although I doubt how broken it really is) we are both proud of our progress

Day 3 in the dunes was great was great. We got almost our all our checkpoints and only got stuck once. We were able to use our MaxTrax to get out and also help another Gazelle who was stuck: Once I told her to deflate her tires to 15 pounds she did much better.


Day 4 and 5 were Marathon Days: We got all checks on day 4, the last one at five minutes before it closed; then spent the night in the desert drinking French wine and listening to Sabrina, my navigator, play her travel guitar.

Day 5 we didn’t do so well: Second guessed ourselves and got only 2 out of 5 cp.

Day 6 today we got 5 out of 7 cp, one within one km. We experienced a set back by getting stuck in some camel grass for an hour. Then had the gnarliest drive back to the bivouac at night. Steep grades both up and down, all on dirt. I don’t have any extra lights and somehow ended in the lead: It’s very easy to lose the road at night; but Sabs kept us on track.


10km before the bivouac we got lost in a palm tree farm. I don’t know how but we made it and it’s 11pm, I’m typing on this French computer and I have to be up at 4pm.

Tomorrow and the next day (I have no idea what day it is) is another marathon leg. More dunes and a campout in the desert.


Lots of pics and video at Go to Rally Live and find my team 178. You can even write to us and I think you can search for pics by team number.

{{{ Click here to see our route! }}}}


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