Gazelle Rally Update: Pre-run check points

Today: was the prologue. Like a pre-run: 3 hours to get 6 check points: The as the crow flies total of km was 69:

We were given our road sheet for the day: They give us coordinates for some of the checkpoints: Others we get the heading and distance and have to find the coordinates: We spent a few hours plotting the coordinates and filling in the distances and headings: Then we looked at the map and tried to predict what the terrain would be: Keep in, mind these maps are very old: You may think there is a road; but its possible it isn’t there. You may cross a camel track but it is not on your, map:


Our best checkpoint for the day was dead on: We calculated 9.1 km and when we arrived our Terra Trip squid 9.1; Such a great feeling that we were able to be dead on: In the end we were 11kms over: We missed CP3 and had to back track a bit: One of the American teams was only:::

Pour répondre, veuillez visiter l'équipe à cette page.

2kms over: We arrived at the bivouac to find our mechanics wafting: They stay up all night to fix the trucks: They are amazing: We also had a full dining tent; full bathrooms; FULL BAR; and this post tent; here I am attempting to write this on a French keyboard; which FYI is very different from an American keyboard.

Tomorrow the Rally starts for real: Today’s driving was easy: I only expect it to get much more difficult: Sabrina; my navigator; and I are working well together and we cant wait to start 4am; you can follow and write to us at and click on Rally Live: Team 178



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