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Day 2 & 3: Two Flats, a Broken Chassis, and an Awesome Day of Dune Driving

As I write this we are in the middle of a dust storm outside of Erfoud, but the sun is still up so I am a happy gal: Tonight I will get more than 4 hours of sleep before the head of the Gazelles organization walks through the bivouc calling out; "Bonjour Gazelles!!" at 4am

Yesterday we were in staging and during my final check of the truck, I noticed we had a flat: We had less than ten minutes to change it and I'm not gonna lie: we panicked. I had the truck jacked up; Sabrina took off the tire, but the spare; being fully inflated; wouldn't fit: But instead of digging a little hole so the inflated tire could fit; we let the car down: I have no idea why and writing this I have that not-so-smart feeling, but it happened. We solved the problem with multiple blocks of wood, but we started an hour late:

The day went pretty well. We stopped and helped a team that had high centered on a small wall.


The great thing about Gazelles is that since it is not a race; everybody helps everybody. Sure you can't spend your whole day helping, but its fun to problem solve with other ladies for 20 minutes. In this case we got them half way off the wall with a rock staircase and MaxTrax, then I pulled them the rest of the way off:

All was well until 5:30pm. We were very close to the checkpoint, in a little wash. My navigator told me to go a little right; so I climbed out of the wash: It was a little soft so I was carrying a bit of speed, and I didn't see the huge dip at the top: We hit hard enough to touch the roof; break the bead on the tire; and put a nice little bend in the chassis:

The truck still drives; but since it is not legal on the road in France, I had to sign a waiver that I won't sue anybody if something happens: I also heard something in French about a bill today; but I thought I had insurance.


That's all for now. People are getting mad for taking so long at computer.



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